Former Hungarian Prime Minister, Dr. Medgyessy’s Speech at UIBE

On September 11, 2012, Dr. Peter Medgyessy, former prime minister of the Republic of Hungary, visited the University of International Business and Economics and made a speech titled “The Reason for the Current Economic Slowdown and What Solutions China Can Offer to Cope with It”. Several hundred of college students, faculties and leaders of functional departments attended the symposium.

Before the symposium began, Shi Jianjun, President of UIBE, and Zhao Zhongxiu, Deputy President of UIBE, had a talk with Mr. Medgyessy and Ms. Lin Nagy, President of the World and China Magazine. President Shi and Mr. Medgyessy exchanged gifts with each other. President Shi gave a Chinese seal made of Shoushan Stone, which is one of the “Four Treasures of the Study” to Mr. Medgyessy. Mr. Medgyessy gave a copy of his autobiography to President Shi as a gift. He signed his name on the book and imprinted his Chinese name on it with this Chinese seal.

In his opening speech, President Shi expressed his wishes to strengthen UIBE’s cooperation with Hungarian universities.

He hopes to nurture more students who are familiar with the languages of both countries. In the future, these young people will play a positive role in strengthening Sino-Hungarian friendship, and promotinging economic cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and Hungary.

In his speech, Mr. Medgyessy mentioned several topics on economy, including the Euro crisis, the declining confidence of US consumers, the upward pressure on US dollars as a reserve currency, and the slow economic growth in Latin American countries, such as Brazil. In his opinion, it is necessary for Western countries to find out a new approach on their existing democratic model. Otherwise, they will be unable to solve their problems in the long run. During this process, China will make a great contribution to the world by maintaining a stable, sustainable economic growth.